Assembly is a specialist venture capital firm based in London with a focus on B2B Fintech.

The founders share 50+ years of experience at global financial institutions. 


Assembly’s principles mean it invests for the long-term and is an active investor. Assembly draws on the roots of venture capital working actively to add value to all portfolio firms through the partners’ expertise and networks.

As a result, some of our best references come from Founders within our portfolio firms. 


Every year, the partners look at hundreds of B2B Fintech startups.
Only a very few will be right for Assembly’s portfolio. We believe the quality of that


Assembly has been a source not just of capital but also of wise counsel and a great network.  Michael has challenged and supported us in equal measure, which is exactly what founders and management teams need as a business scales. He is one of the first people I call when I have an idea I want to test or an issue has come up where I need advice.

John GoodallFounder and CEO, Landbay

We’re also particularly pleased with our choice of financial partner. I can’t give the team at Assembly enough plaudits. They are emotionally and strategically invested in us - not something you can say about all VCs. They also really understand insurance and the dynamics of insurance technology businesses. Sales cycles can be long so capital needs to be patient.

Tim HardcastleFounder and CEO, INSTANDA

There are many investors who claim to be Fintech specialists. In reality, very few really understand the challenges that financial services are going through and the opportunities that exist within fintech. Michael is one of the few that really does.  He doesn’t get caught up in “fads” or “the next big thing”. He looks at the big picture and takes a long-term view. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Assembly to any fintech that is looking for a partner.

John GoodallFounder and CEO, Landbay

Assembly is a hugely supportive investor providing much more than just capital. Michael has been invaluable to the development of our business providing much needed perspective as an advisor, sounding board, and confidant.

Rupert TaylorFounder and CEO, Brismo

Whilst the financial stimulus investment provides is, of course, essential it is the expertise and advice that a good investor brings to the table that is of lasting value.  The investor needs to understand the company, its vision, its people and its product deeply, and help those on the ground take their business to the level backed by the financial runway the investor provides.  Our choice of Assembly Capital Partners was founded on just that: David absolutely understands what Derivitec is doing, how we do it, and where we want to go.

George KayeFounder and CEO, Derivitec

Michael fiirst invested in Landbay in 2015 and Assembly as a Fund has invested more than once.  Landbay wouldn’t be the business that it is today if Michael and Assembly hadn’t been involved.

John GoodallFounder and CEO, Landbay

Whilst avoiding the trap of micromanagement, Assembly has been the guiding hand on the tiller of the Derivitec ship, as it grows and moves into new markets, across the world. Coupled with sober professionalism, and seemingly inexhaustible supplies of patience, Assembly has added value to the company from day one, and continues to do so. For any serious capital markets focused fintech, it is by far and away the clearest choice of partner for the road ahead.

George KayeFounder and CEO, Derivitec