Guiding Principles 

Based on the individual experience of our team and our view on the risk/ reward for the segment we have strong preference for B2B investments 

Our assessment of the key individuals and the relationship we are able to build with them is critical. 

Our best references come from the CEOs of our portfolio companies.  If we can’t do more than invest money, we shouldn’t invest. The place for passive investments is the stock market. If we are going to sacrifice liquidity and see funds locked up for years, we want to have a significant influence on the business. We don’t expect to have that unless we are confident we can make a real positive non-financial contribution exploiting our experience, knowledge and networks. We will pass on a strong start-up if we recognize that we have little to add.  Writing a cheque is only the start. 

At some point something will go wrong, even in the best venture investment. When it does, everyone had better be able to work together.  We don’t invest unless we are individually whole-hearted and unanimous within Assembly about the investment. 

Assembly is probably slower to invest than most but, once we have,
we are fully committed to our concentrated portfolio.